How drones are used to save human life

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Drones are fast, won’t stuck in traffic jams and fly  can over obstacles. These features make drones great tool for saving human life, where every second is precious.

Defibrillator drones

Drones with defibrillator on the board increase the chance to survive for people with cardiac arrest. The time of emergency response is one main factor of saving human life and drones are four time faster then ambulance. With every minute of waiting for help, the chance to survive is decresed of 10%.
Defibrillator drones are tested in Sweden by the Karolinska Institute and in every simulated situation of cardiac arrest drone beats the ambulance – on 6 mile trail from the base to the accident place, the time of response is shortened by 16 minutes . Swedish emergency drones have buit-in microphone speaker to instruct the life savin procedure, HD camera, possibility to connect by 3G network and global positioning system approved by the Swedish Transportation Agency.

Blood drone delivery

The next example of medical use of drone is blood drone delivery. Drones are capable to transport blood fast- delivery time could be shortened from 4 hours to 15 minutes. The blood tranfusion is a one of the basics life-saving procedure and in emergency situation the time is very important aspect.

In Africa drones are used to deliver a blood since 2016, thanks to colaboration of Rwandan goverment and Ziplane- robotics company from Silicon Valley.
Drone with blood on the board drops the payload with assecuration of parachute. Instead driving for blood for couple of hours, three times a week to the nearest blood bank in the capitol, that is 60km away from hospital, medical personnel in Kabgayi, “order” drone from Ziplane, using a smarphone. It tooks only 15 minutes to arrive the drone. For hospital drone blood delivery is easier, faster and cheaper solution , that decrease the chances to survive for patient , who need blood tranfusions; for victims of accidents, complicated surgeries or malaria treatment. Drone blood delivery is also very important in emergency situation, when blood tranfusion need to be done as fast as possible.
In close future Ziplane want to change their fixed-wing drones for more resistant multicopters with greater range and better navigation. This solution will also solve the drone landing problem. Multicopters will be less risky solution then fixed-wing drones and it could land on special areas with payload, instead dropping the medical products with possibility to damaged it.

Drone ambulance conpect

Drone ambualance is idea of the future, that might replace typical ambulance. For now is just a concept, but to be honest in era od taxi drones, it’s very realible solution. The drone ambulance could fly at the place of accident fast, without traffic jams and it could land almost everywhere, because it would bea size of the average car  . Drone ambulance with needed life-saving equipment might take the patient straight to the hospital with one person of medical personnel on the board. Drone ambulance could be operated by three ways- by pilot,  GPS  or both.Drone ambulance might replace not only ambulance truck, but also the helicopters.

The concept of ambulance drone is designed by Argodesign from Texas.Their first film on Youtube appeared about year ago and we still are waiting for their concept of ambulance drone become reality 🙂

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