How about drone jump ?

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Is drone jumping will a new extremal sport? And is it safe?

I’m not sure if drone jumping is the safest sport ever, but definitely it’s not a sport for everyone. What do we need to jump with drone? Well, at first-  extremaly powerful drone capable to carry a man, parachute and a lot of courage a luck. And for sure expirienced and trusted drone operator, who know how to fly gigant machine will be a brilliant idea 🙂 All these needed factors haven’t missed in Taurene, Latvia, where skydiver Ingus Augstkalns in the comapny of huge drone from Aerial-tech decided to jump.

Drone made by Aerial-tech lifted off Ingus Augstkalns into the air and on high of 330m let him go. Brave skydiver had no much time to open the parachute, but fortunately he made it 🙂

So… Who wants to jump with drone? 🙂

or just leave me a smile 🙂

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