Hoverbike a Speeder Bike of future?

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Hoverbike aims to take aviation to a new level.

Hoverbike is  a new generation of aerial drone that can be piloted by a person. It is uncannily reminiscent of a Speeder Bike from the original Star Wars trilogy. Modern design connected with the feeling of riding on the motocycle, sounds really great.


But opponents of hoverbike claim that they see no sensible use for this kind of vehnicle . Moreover hoverbike is not safe enough because center of gravity is above source of lift and strong blow of wind  can simply crash it. They also say that vehnicle is to noisy, to slow (72 km/h) and it doesn’t provide enough lift.

So is it a invecion for rich people just for fun?

I have no doubts that for this time it could be use this way, but in the other hand  it’s key to open next door in labirynth of new technology. Maybe it’s even our future?

Skeptics should think” it’s  not pefect but it’s a protype”. I truely believe that in the future new technology will allow us to create hoverbike faster, stronger and cheaper 🙂


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  1. Redbull rampage on this bike could be interesting 😉

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