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Alarm.com announced the home security drone- a perfect guard of the future, ready to keep your home safe when you are resting.

Home security drone is  a new solution from company called “Alarm”, that is specialized on home security systems. The drone is called “ Weebo “ and it’s equipped with FPV camera and motion sensors that will detect movement on monitored property. The home security drone is designed to be quiet  flying guard and there’s no worry that will disturb your neighbors, but with sure can scare away burglars or alarm you if  something wrong will happen.

“ Weebo “security drone will be controlled by special application and it’s based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Flight platform. The guard drone will be capable to patrol your home while you are sleeping, but for now it’s not planned to fly 24h/7.

The idea is not the first this kind of invention, but the company “Alarm” is taking this very serious, because home security drone was officially announced on CES 2107.  Before  “Alarm” , the idea was launched by Bay Area Start-Up and Sunflower Labs.  Their drone security concept it’s similar than the “Alarm” company.

The security drone form Alarm and from Bay Area Start-Up and Sunflower Labs as well,  become commercially available in 2017. We can’t wait to see drone home security system in real life.

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