Holybro Kakute V1 Best Racing Flight Controller AIO Review Unbox

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

Holybro Kakute is my best FC so far. I am super suprised of the quality of Holybro Kakute V1 and how light it is with OSD, high current PDB and F3 processor.  This is all-in-one super part for those who expect more.

For super low price we can get high quality FC. If we count all money that we had to spend on good FC and PDB, we will find out that it will be much more expensive than all-in-one Holybro Kakute V1 and in this case we get also MW OSD built-in 🙂 . So, it’s a really good deal.

I  did some tests and I’ve noticed that we can easily install Betafligh and adjust some settings for ESC through Kakute (it works like a charm:) ). Holybro Kakute AIO could be the best for every drones, but especially in cases where every single gram is really important or where is not enough room.

Extra features:

Processor: SP F3 6DOF works great with gyro frequency 4KHZ and 2KHZ pid loop ( drone fly super smooth ).

OSD : Has sensor for volatge but better to use vbat from FC and here we have a rocket, it has build in currenct sensor so we can easily see on OSD what is live current consumption and how much mah we already consumed.

In the box we will find , FC / XT60 cable and UART cable.

Holybro Kakute looks like piece of art, this FC has literally everything what is useful for racing drone. Pdb has 5v 800ma ( its more than enough for RC RX / leds ) & 3v output 300ma for GPS ! 🙂 Pads are big enough to easily solder all cables.The next great thing is that every singlepad is named, so we don’t need to be brainiac to guess what is what  😎 Boot button is needed when we want to switch from Cleanflight to Betaflight.

Here is a manual for Holybro Kakute V1 holybro-kakute-aio-fc-v1-manual-en

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Kakute is not much bigger or heavier than regular SP F3 but it’s much better.

Simple XT60 connector fits perfect, so it can be used on side of our drone to save some weight.

I soldered all cables without problem and of course I have checked 10times if there is no short circuit. Securing all cables/pads by hot glue is a great idea ;). We can easily solder signal ESC cable to pads, because upgrade/adjust some settings for BLheli through FC is possible. I also decided to mount battery cable, than use xt60 connector on the side, because I know that I will crash my drone many times (shit happens :)), so it will secure connector much better to don’t be ripped out.

Buzzer and leds are connected to FC and it’s time to first power up and… It’s working !!! 🙂

MW OSD is also working,so now I have to update and configure it to work with Betaflight, because it will not work out of the box. Anyway, I am delighted that I will have OSD on my mini drone and that everything works just perfect. To connect with MW OSD, we need to connect UART cables with a programer , power up drone and it’s done 🙂 .

Here is how to connect OSD to PC

In conclusion 🙂 Holybro Kakute V1 FC is “special tasks part”; it’s light, easy to update, has a lot of  needed features, it’s cheap and it will help you to save plenty of space. I recommend Holybro Kakute V1 FC with 10000%!!! certainty:)

I think Holybro Kakute  is really worth every penny, it’s also easy to use and we got AIO on board. After experience with this board I can honestly say that all my new FC will be AIO.


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This post been supported by Gearbest.com . BUT I am always honest in my opinions/reviews ( FPVtv is incorruptible ).

  1. Hi i’have a question. Can i use a PPM receiver with it or only a receiver with a serial protocol as SBUS?

  2. great review! this is Danq0 from youtube, I still was not able to get RSSI working. I soldered a wire to rssi on fc to my receiver channel 6. turned rssi on and set betaflight to channel 6. Is there something else I may be missing? or does it just not work with all receivers? I have a radiolink at9 with r6ds receiver, using sbus.

  3. I’m a bit confused on how to connect the flight controller with an i-bus receiver.

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