Head Tracking FRsky Skyzone Gimbal How to configure

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Head tracking is like new level of FPV. We are not forced any more to see what we have to see,but thanks to head tracking we can see what we want to see. It’s super easy to make it work with FRsky and Skyzone FPV goggles. All we just need to do is adjust 3 settings and connect a cable  😎

Let’s start with FRsky Taranis X9D plus. Go to menu ” Mixer ” and edit 7 and 8 channel like it did ( you can use other channels like 5-6 , 6-7 ).

For channel 7 use : Source TR7 ( Trainer port 7 , it’s a port where signals from Skyzone head tracking will be received)Β / weight and offset option can be changed to trim gimbal position.

For channel 8 use : Source TR8 ( Trainer port 8 , it’s a port where signals from skyzone head tracking will be received)Β / weight and offset option can be changed to trim gimbal position.

In Skyzone FPV goggles set head tracking PPM channel 7-8 ( orΒ 5-6 , 6-7 but has to be the same like in FRSky ) Also if you want to make all head tracking movement more natural then increase step value/range of degrees that responds for sensitivity of movement.

Pan tracking range to 180 /Β TiltΒ tracking range to 120. With big tracking range gimbal movement are more smooth, because we have to rotate FPV goggles much more , if we decrease these range then tiny move will be huge move for gimbal. Β Pan/Tilt correction can trim gimbal position.

At the end connect trainer cable to FRsky Β and Skyzone

At this point gimbal should be alive πŸ™‚ , I am using simple Pan/tilt gimbal with simple servos but you can easily connect receiver to some advanced gimbals throught PWM input.

Here you can check my Pan tilt

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