1. Click the “CC” button

  2. did you try to turn them on by clicking the small “CC” square button on the lower right of the video??

  3. I guess for some reason you cant see the Captions I inserted into my Entire video on a mobile device. If you can see the captions from your phone (The Blue and Yellow) Captions that are on the screen for about 6-10 seconds, Please leave a comment or let me know in some way. I’ve been in the RC hobby for 25 years… But, Very New to YouTube… I don’t know how i got the first (Very Fast showing) Captions to be on video, but I edited it so you can see exactly what i am doing in video. Thanks… P.S. If anybody knows how to make those captions visible on mobile devices, Please let me know ! Or if I should change them from “Captions” to something else? (Annotations)? Please give feedback and Thank You for watching !!!

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