GEPRC GEP-VX5 F215 Great Freestyle Drone Frame

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

GEPRC GEP-VX5 F215 is the most BadAss Pink frame I have ever seen. Inside is plenty of room ,so it’s really easy to fit every item. GEP-VX5 is a really premium. All parts fit great and are not low quality. This pink frame is also heavy like a Fat Pink Cow, BUT crash proof at the same time. Frame size is 215mm so we can easily fit 5″ props & and inside this frame is plenty of room for other fancy stuff 😀

Let’s build this one 🙂 .

Box is well secured and all parts inside are in bags, so we are sure that nothing is missing and it’s properly counted 🙂


Inside we can find a lot of good P.I.N.K. stuff 🙂 . Anodise pink and dark carbon – this is great matching set. Pink spacers are 45mm long and these look delicious  😉  Inside we’ve got also a lot of stickers, two long battery straps, one sticky plate to secure battery ( this is gooooood shit 8-), some sponges and of course aluminium spider cross.

Side battery connector in PDB is a great idea, it will save weight and wiring. BEC can work with 2-4s LiPo and it has two voltage outputs- 5v 3a and 12V 500ma.

I am totally sold for this PDB with diodes. It will look great with new Betaflight scanner feature ON 🙂

Top & bottom plates are 2mm thick, arms- 4mm. Let’s be honest ;how hard we have to crash to brake it ?  😆  . Side carbon parts are included for a camera, so we can easily mount all kind of FPV racing camera to side walls or to top/bottom plate.

The weight is important thing. To be honest, we can say that this frame is heavy , but we have to admit that inside of it is a planty of space and  it’s really crash resistant. The weight it’s a price that we have to pay for all these amenities.  GEP-VX5 could be really good for PRO freestyle or for amateur racing, because whole frame’s weight is 145 grams.

So now we have seen all parts, now it’s time to build it. We need 4 arms, bottom plate, 4 long screws, 4 medium long screws and middle spider. Use long screws on the sides and medium long at the center.

Now mount plastic spacers on long screws and then PDB on it. If you forget to place these spacers then you can do a short circuit, because bottom of PDB will touch aluminium spider. After placing PDG, tight it by nylon screws.

Now we need 8x pink spacers and 8x short screws. This is looking Damn good !  😈

Now use one short screw on every single arm.

Don’t mount side walls up side down :)Make it as the same as I did and on the left corner of back top of led PDB you should see 1 and on the bottom right 0.

Piece of cake:D Everything fits well and looks really good, just check it out:

[smart-product id=”15749″ border=”false” interval=”200″ fullscreen=”true” style=”flat-square”]

To be honest, this is a premium frame. Every single part is a very high quality and simply fits perfect, so you shouldn’t be worry that there will be some problems. Of course this one is not a cheap frame, but this is not a waste of money, because for this price we get more in the box than when we buy regular frames. Trust me, every time when you will look at your PINK awsome frame for  50$, you will smile ( like I do 😀  ) Battery straps are of course pink and they will not break so easy. Also the rubber plate to secure battery is something new & it’s more than useful.  I can’t wait to make this “pink beauty” fly so I decided to use ” Angry hornet “ as a parts ” Donor ”  😉 I hope that next week Pink Beauty will be ready to fly.


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  1. Is it version for 6″ props ?

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