GEPRC GEP TX 210 X Frame for Racing Freestyle Drone Unbox Review

Deal Score+2
Deal Score+2

GEPRC GEP-TX5 Chimp is next premium frame. It’s X construction with aluminium screws and curved edges. This time I am really blown away by quality of GEPRC GEP-TX5 Chimp. As you can see on picures, on the bottom plate we’ve got curved edges, so if we crash, it shouldn’t stick into the ground, but slide on it. Next thing are pillars… Maybe nothing surprising, but these look so tough; like you could smash it by hammer and it will stand still imperturbable. Sport camera like Xiaomi or GoPro can be easily mounted on the top , also it will be good secured by extra sponges included with a GEP TX5 .

Box is flat and of course foiled, so for sure no one touch our precious GEPRC GEP-TX5  before us  😎

Inside we got bags and every part is separately packed. Worth mention is the fact that we get extra:

  • Uber backleds, which can be easily controlled by FC
  • Sponges for bottom parts
  • 2x anti sleep tape for battery
  • Battery holder plate/protector
  • Battery pink strap and some zips

So as you see GEPRC GEP-TX5 Chimp is really premium class frame. Usually when we buy frame, we are not receiving so many extra parts, but in this case we will.

The weight is quite important thing, but for this battleship is not bad. 119grams without battery protecting plate and 135grams with fully armed set. Gold aluminum screws and alu pillars will decrease weight drastically.

Let’s be honest, GEPRC GEP TX5 210 looks delicious  😎  GEPRC GEP TX5 frame has everything what is needed to build dream quad; great look & more than needed room inside. Whole electronic parts and battery is really good protected by frame.

Back plate with ten leds is great addon and make look whole construction much better. Every single led can be controlled by FC . Only missing feature is the buzzer, but this is not a big deal.

Please notice that at the back we can mount VTX in different positions (by zipps or in the hole). Also FPV camera has got special slots on the walls. so we can easily mount some Runcam and also we shouldn’t be worry about any scratches on the lens, because it will be well protected by a frame ( this is useful info for Runcam Owl users where lens is HUGE 😉 )

What will be the best set for this frame:

  • Battery: 4s 1300-1500mah
  • Motors: Emax RS2205 2300kv
  • ESC: DYS XS30a
  • FPV Camera: Runcam OWL or Swift
  • FPV VTX: any kind
  • Props: 5040 3 blades no BN

Here you can see GEPRC GEP TX5 in 360

[smart-product id=”16769″ border=”false” interval=”200″ fullscreen=”true” style=”flat-square”]

My opinion about this frame is really positive. Curved edges at the bottom, battleship/crash proof construction , bags with extra items. What do we want more ? .  All construction is super clean, there is no unnecessary or misalenged elements. More than enough room inside the frame, where all mounted electronic parts inside are well secured, so less worries more fly 😉

If you are looking for premium quad frame then you should check this one for sure:) Of course you can find more expensive frames, but is it really worth ?


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Here is some extra , GEP TX5 vs GEP VX5 , which one do you prefer most ?

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