GDU O2 drone next cheaper copy of DJI Mavic ?

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GDU O2 is new foldable , compact drone with 4K camera, follow me feature and obstacles avoidance system , that  remainds DJI Mavic Pro.

Despite the fact, that GDU O2 seems to be really cool drone, haters gonnna hate it because it’s a copy of DJI Mavic PRO ? Or maybe it will be popular drone because it has great features and  the price is lower?

It’s not the first drone, which design or features are copied from DJI Mavic pro. On the market we can find a planty of that kind drones :  more advanced like DJI Vitus, GoPro Karma drone, Dobby from ZeroTech or cheap chinese Visuo. DJI is the biggest and the most famous manufacturer on the drone market and  it simply dictates trends. DJI knows that is a leader and instead sue every drone company, which copied DJI Mavic Pro,  put importance on global marketing and advertisement and develop new technologies.

It’s normal in every business that smaller companies won’t to earn as much as possible and will “steal ” the ideas of bigger and more popular. Is it fair? Yes and no. As a customer you have bigger choice. If you can’t afford DJI Mavic Pro , you will look for cheaper alternative like GDU O2. From the other hand DJI fans might say that the duplication is not fair and it’s a true. But still DJI fans have a choice and can just simply not buy “fake” Mavic drones .

BTW… DJI has a really good marketing and as an example of DJI Phantom 3  had showed, DJI can drop the price of  their drone rapidly and smash the competition….DJI Mavic PRO is already cheaper now, because of the premiere of its upgraded version DJI Mavic Pro Platinum.

Let’s get back to GDU O2. It’s one of the better copy of DJI Mavic Pro on the market. As I mentioned before has pretty close features as orgin DJI Mavic; 4K Camera  with axis Gimbal, Obstacle Avoidance System, 7km of control and Video Transmission range and costs only $732.00… But the clue is that this price is for pre-orders. If GDU  will increase the price after pre-order it might be huge mistake, because the price is the biggest advantage for  GDU O2.

In pre-order  for 732$  we get only basic set withe  GDU O2, but also we get  an extra battery plus a cool bag. So it’s really not bad deal 🙂

Copy or not , we need to admit that GDU O2  it’s pretty cool drone, worth the attention of every drone fan. For now it’s the best copy of DJI Mavic Pro if we compare the quality, features and the price. And if you are intrested  you can check it here

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