GB130 Small FPV Racing Drone Build Step By Step

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GB130 is a small 130mm size FPV racing drone. It’s capable to carry BiG FPV cameras like Runcam Switf CCD. From Gearbest we will receive 2 bags and we can find inside of it all needed parts to build a racing drone. Gb130 seems to be really good; big thrust , low weight. Only top parts included. I can’t wait to test this one   😎 .

Parts list:

Frame: Gb130  ( true mini X frame, only this mini frame is ready to mount big FPV camera ).

Motors: Emax RS1306 4000KV (This ones are Beasts, super small, but can generate more than 500g of thrust on 3″ props)

ESC: DYS 10A ( this ESC are good, but to weak for power hungry RS1306 motors)

FC: SP F3 DOF 5 (simply great for Betaflight)

FPV camera: Runcam Swift (Beast CCD camera, this one is super expensive, but is also one of the best)

FPV TX:  OCDAY( small/light, but powerful, 40 channels and power out can be switchable from 25mw to 600mw)

FPV antenna: Aomway ( great FPV antenna, this one will increase video singal and it’s ready for some crashes)

Here is GB130 in 360:

[smart-product id=”16685″ border=”false” interval=”200″ fullscreen=”true” style=”flat-square”]

Let’s build Gb130:D For first stage we need 4 motors, 4 esc and top frame board.

We will mount ESC at the bottom, because we can find special gap for motor’s cables in the frame (of course there is really no other option due to lack of space 🙂 )

Remove heat shrink for ESC and desolder black cables.

Now cut off about 1cm of motor’s cable, then solder it to ESC ( don’t mix cables, because you can adjust rotation of motors in ESC setting ). Cut off black small ground cables and servo connectors, then use heat shrink on ESC to secure it.

Mount motors on the frame, don’t forget that front left from motors should be CW , front right CCW, back righ CW, back left CCW. Mount short aluminum spacer to the frame. Here you can see how I manage cables.

Solder signal cables to FC and 5V cable to power up FC from PDB 5v Output. I solder extra 5V cable for LEDs .

Now solder green PDB to black PDB ( DON’T connect in/out wrong , simply check 10 times before solder  ;-)) When you’re done PDB, mount it on the frame and solder:

  • FC 5V cable to PDB 5v output
  • Power cables from ESC to battery PDB path
  • VBAT to battery PDB path
  • FPV TX battery PDB path
  • From FPV TX use 5V output to power up FPV camera ( also solder two video cables together ).
  • Check if there is no any short circuits
  • Secure cables by hot glue

After this mount a rest of the drone… and you are DONE  😎

Honestly , GB130 is super ultra easy to build. No problems, no stress and everything fits perfect. I  really love included FPV Runcam Swift camera. It is really amazing camera; image is super sharp and colorful, also the sensor is super sensitive, so we can fly at night time. GB130 weight is 173 grams- it’s really not bad, because we have huge runcam on board 😈  . Whole contruction looks delicous, 😀 Just take a look:

My Conclusion 

Only ESC are not enough for Emax motors.  Other parts are TOP of The Top. Whole construction seems to be quite tough, so this drone could be great for Freestyle or Racing. I know that RS1306 4000KV can provide a lot of power, so I am sure that this drone can give the owner great fun. Next time I will fly it and do some crashes (for testing purpose 😉 )


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