GB130 Mini Racing Drone Frame Fast Review

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GB130 is a small racing frame but not a regular like others, inisie we can isnatll big size FPV camera like a Runcam Swift. So no more micro CMOS camera where you can’t see shit, time for new video quality in mini drones 🙂 . Whole frame is made from carbon , it’s tower construction with alu any nylon stands. Inside is really lot’s to fit everything like big camera, big VTX and mini RC RX. Recomended motor size is 1104 and 1305, ofcourse we can fit only 3″ props ( 3045BN 3 blades will be great choice ).

Every parts are packed separetly, I didn’t find any missing parts ( we can even find extra screws ).  Included BEC is super powerful, it has 5V 3A output so we can easily power by this thing everything on board, I also really like side battery connector on PDB because it helps to save weight ( no more cables ).

We should built the tower at first. It’s super easy to find a way how to fit all parts together without manuals.

As you see in the tower we have lot’s of room for big camera, also all electronic parts will be well secured inside. For FPV we have to options, 1) AIO camera with built in FPV antenna , ofcourse we can mount it without problems because even if FPV antenna is short then we can remove top board, 2) second option is big FPV camera with big VTX where we can place at the back wall.

Frame weight is 58grams but this is a price what what we can pay if we want to install a big FPV camera, I think it’s worth it because sometimes I have real enought this small silly CMOS cameras where I have to squint eyes to see where I am flying … .  ESC we have to mount under frame and power cables from motors should goes outside through special gap on the arms. We can easily fit SP F3 racing FC or other similiar.

Here is Gb130 frame in 360:

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I think it’s worth 35$ because we cna mount big FPV camera, weight is quite high so I recommend RS1306 4000KV motors + 3045 3 blades props + 4s battery.  Then we can be sure that it will give us lot’s of fun. Gb130 could be good for amateurs and pros , for freestyle and racing. I already build a drone on this frame and have to say that it looks really good , and installed inside Runcam Swift camera is a cherry on the top.

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Here you can check GB130 RTFgb130-drone-build-no55


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