FuriBee F90 Review Unbox Micro Drone 2s LiPo 8520 Motors Betaflight

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FuriBee F90 is next great quality drone from Gearbest and it seems to be great choice for FPV beginners. It has 8520 motors and it is powered by 2s LiPo. On theboard we can find Betaflight and good FPV camera. So let’s check what we can find in the box.


Size: 90mm
Battery compatibility: 2s LIPO
Frame thickness: Bottom plate 1.5mm
Weight: ARF 46g / RTF 68g
FC: SP F3 EVO Acro 6DOF ( old power ends, no MOS 😥  )
Motors size: 8520
FPV camera: CMOS 600TVL
FPV TX: 25mW 48ch 5.8ghz

FuriBee F90 will come in nice cardboard box , inside we will find:

  • FuriBee F90
  • Battery 2s Lipo 400mah
  • USB balancer 2s charger
  • Spare props
  • Manuals

Manuals will tell us whole truth 😛

Build quality is simply great ( much better than FB90 ). Whole construction is well protected, so even if we touch a wall or other obstacle, props will still spin thanks to covers around props . Bottom carbon board seems to be very stiff but quite light,  I really can’t say nothing bad about build quality.

Motors are well known brushed 8520. Well, these motors are easy to replace, but life span is quite short , especially on 2s battery  ( but who cares  😉 ).

Props seems to be very efficient ( at least much more than ducted fans ). Props are quite fragile but in this case it is good idea, because motors are not very powerful, so can achive a bit better efficience than on stiff propellers.

Top sheel could be easily removed, we just need to unsrcew 5 screws.

Flight controller is one of the best that I have seen so far, because it will come with Betaflight. Connectors for motors  are made to be replaced very easy. Built-in in buzzer !! It’s really great when we fly outside; because if we crash somewehere on the field then we can easily find F90 🙂 . BUT this FC has huge con- no MOS power ends ( just simple old inefficience transistors ), which means that if it will fly slow and won’t be very jumpy like Lantian LT105 (it uses only 1s Lipo, but will fly 3 times faster).

Solder quality is really good, also micro receiver is really micro 🙂 !

FPV camera is a standard one, but still one of the best in micro size. 600TVL 48channel 25mw , omni antenna is has lower efficience than clover one, but will not break or band after couple crashes.

USB charger is really not bad, we easily charge a battery through power bank and built-in processor controls charging very well. Charger will stop at 4.19v per cell.

Battery is 400mah 2s LiPo and one of the best thing in this battery is balancer port; for sure life span will be much longer.

Whole set is really high quality, so no cons here 🙂

Weight time!!! So… 46g for drone with extra protection is really not bad .Of course  the weight around 40g could be better, but it still not that bad. The battery could be lighter- around 16g ( 300mah ) . 68g for a drone with 8520 is really high, but I don’t see any good way to lower it.

My opinion about FuriBee F90 is positive. Every single part is really high quality. F90 will comes with pre installed Betaflight 3, which is really good solution, because we don’t need to open drone and make any extra solder job.All we need to do is just upload Betaflight. One think I really don’t like is old silly power ends…I don’t know why manufacturer decided to use it… MOS are 10000x better. Finally, I am impressed. Now is time for some outdoor testing.

I will update this post.

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