FPV on smartphone Android Apple App is Possible and Cheap

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FPV video on smartphone could be cheap and could work great on Android / Apple or smartphone / tablet. All you need  is mobile USB FPV receiver. Technology is going forward everyday and  last time we had to buy big video receiver  and monitor, today we can buy small USB receiver and connect it with our smartphone,that we have always with us- it’s turn for mobile USB receivers. USB FPV receivers  are super handy due to super small size and to use it, we need something with android/app 🙂 If we got big screen tablet then true fun is ahed, But we have to consider couple things:

Easy to use / App compatibility

All FPV usb receivers work super easy; just connect USB cable , install dedictaed app and go! In most cases, it will work with all android devices ( at least 4,0 ) or apple , even on windows if we use some capture software.

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Image resolution and video quality:

In most cases it will be 640 x 480 – just enough,  if we will use NTSC in 30FPS. Then image should be sharp & crispy. In low quality devices or shitty sofware we can see artifacts or image can not be smooth.

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Latency always will be higher on digital devices than on analogue, because USB receiver has to process analogue signal to digital, while on standard analogue devices there is no extra processing. Latency can by increased by app / usb device / smartphone, but in most cases it will be around 100ms ( some newest USB receivers got * only 40-60ms, which is still a lot 🙂

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Due to higher latency even the best USB FPV receivers shouldn’t be use for fast racing drones, but if we fly slow and we got on mind that image  could be delayed then we can try. For now, we should treat it like a extra gadget, but not like a PRO FPV equpiment. In the future it might change 🙂

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Working time:

On the market we can find  mobile FPV receivers in the most of cases powered by USB and the power drain is about 150-400mah . So, if we got Galaxy S6 smartphone with battery 2500mah, then we can get not more than 1H working time ( not much, because phone will need extra energy to process image ). But one the market we can find one version with built-in battery, so all set should work about 2H.


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Here you can buy one of the best , so far – 150ch 5.8ghz

These USB FPV receivers are in two versions; with built-in battery and without. Amazing feature is FPV stepping- by 2 mhz so we can search 150channels 5.8ghz and of course dedictaed app for android with VR / DVR capability.

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