FPV Goggles Size Big or Small which one are the best fo you

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Deal Score+1

FPV Goggles are in different sizes and shapes , between them is huge price difference but which one are the best for you ? . Here we have to consider couple things like Size, Price, Quality, Features…

Size of the goggles in most case decide which one we will buy ( first one is $ 😎  ), in my case I decided to buy small goggles because all of the time I been using big ones and can’t all my shit into a small bag. So if you traveling a lot or there is lack of space in you luggage, consider small ones like I did .

Small goggles

  • Easy to carry

Big goggles

  • Sometimes pain in the ass

Goggles monitor quality is the most important thing for me , from the built in monitor depend how much we will see and how much we will enjoy FPV.

Small goggles

  • Not bad quality in expensive goggles

Big goggles

  • The best image quality
  • Not bad image quality even in cheap goggles
  • Even FULLHD resolution
  • Big size screen


Both big and small goggles can be same comfortable on our head


Bothgoggles sizes can have similar features like: Diversity , DVR,  HDMI, even goddamn head tracking  😆  .


No big secret , BiG goggles are really cheap, at least compare to small size goggles.  Let’s consider KDS Kylin which for me are one of the best and the cheapest FPV goggles ( price in promotion 60$). To achieve same video quality in small goggles we have to spend at least 300$ 🙄  .


If I would have more carry space then I will buy Skyzone SJ-H01 because this big goggles has amazing 1080p IPS screen with 3d feature and headtracking . I own newest Skyzone SKY02S V+ which are very small ( I love it ) but prefer huge high quality screen in goggles.

Small goggles

  • Easy to carry
  • Can be very advanced with good image quality
  • Comfortable
  • Expensive $

Big goggles

  • Best image quality can be found here
  • Very cheap 
  • Comfortable
  • Carry big ones is pain in the ass

The Best goggles for me:

Big size cheap Eachive EV800

Big size The Best ones Skyzone SJ-H01

Small size cheap FatShark Teleporter V5

Small size The Best ones Skyzone SKY02S V+ 3D

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