FPV Freestyle Drone Racing by mattystuntz

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Couple words from the freestyle pilot mattystuntz:

“Introducing the Cyclone @1:30, 2:56, 4:00 ect and Cyclone Pirouettes @ 3:00 mark. Take the traditional way of turning around an object and do it backwards, that the basics of a Cyclone. Add continuos yaw and you get a Cyclone Pirouette. Flying is becoming very spiritual for me, its pure freedom. Hence the title:)

PS Thank you so much for your support. Your likes, comments and shares are inspiration enough to continue sharing my FPV adventures.

Im running the Rotorgeek 2205 2700kv motors with a DAL bullnose V2 Triblade and Rebel batteries. Its the fastest setup I’ve ever flown. Sounds insane to:)

Tune is PID1 running Betaflight 2.6 no airmode but I have a basic throttle curve on my radio. 60degree FPV camera and I cant stress this enough, Im not running a 3D setup.”

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