FPV Freerider Drone Quadcopter simulator for Windows Android Apple

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FPV Freeride is great and cheap way to learn how to fly drone. FPV Freeride is a simulator, recommended for people, who have never flown a drone and for advanced users who want to practise fast racing drone flight and increase a flying skills. FPV Freeride offers 3rd and 1st person view.

FPV Freeride is coampatible with Windows 10.We can choose how we want to control a drone; we can use keybord, game pad form xbox 360 or other pad and of course RC trasnsmitter ( tested on turnigy TG-I10 ). FPV Freeride simulator works smooth even on some old PCS. Of course before you will buy full version of FPV Freeride, you can download free version (demo) and test it on your PC.

App for smartphones also works just perfect ;to control a drone we can user touch screen , game pad or RC transmitter ( tested on turnigy TG-I10 ).

 Check this software on this site https://fpv-freerider.itch.io/fpv-freerider

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  1. Just great. Works perfect with Turnigy TGY-I10

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