FPV camera latency comparison Gopro Hero3 vs Mobius vs Fatshark 600TVL vs PilotHD

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I’ve read a lot on forums about Mobius latency, which is the processing delay within the camera from the sensor to the video output signal, which obviously can be an issue for FPV flying, which is why a lot of people use a mobius just for recording, and a seperate board camera for FPV view.

I wanted to compare actual latency between the camera’s, so I’ve setup a fatshark 5.8ghz video transmitter, a receiver and LCD monitor so I can show the same hand movement on all 4 cameras.

Results were surprising to me, gopro did better than I expected and pilotHD was definitely the worst.

You can get a very good idea of the latency from watching the video, but I have attempted to count frames (30fps) to give specific numbers.

Fatshark 600TVL camera is basically instant – less than one frame latency.

Gopro Hero3 was 3 frames latency (1/10 second approx)

Mobius (v1.20 firmware) was 4 frames latency (0.13seconds)

PilotHD camera was 6 frames latency – (0.2 seconds).

Hope this is useful, based on this I would be very happy to fly a quadcopter even a micro using the mobius, and probably would use it over and above the pilotHD camera, as it beats it for video quality and latency, and price/weight is almost identical (PilotHD – Mobius). PilotHD is very slightly smaller, but not by much.

Hope this is useful, any comments welcome

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