Flower Delivery By Drone

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FlowerDeliveryExpress.com, conducted the first known flower delivery by drone. According to Wesley Berry CEO of FlowerDeliveryExpress.com, the delivery occurred in Metro Detroit in the afternoon on Saturday, February 8th, 2014. Visit www.flowerdeliveryexpress.com for more information. The company has been voted “Best Florist” more than a dozen times, and is known for floral deliveries around the block or around the world. They are a multi-million dollar floral company with millions of customers around the world.

The company is recruiting for their consumer focus groups to beta test drone delivery services. Participants will receive products for free and, at, or below cost products in exchange for providing valuable feedback that will help drive future floral products and services. To enlist, visit FlowerDeliveryExpress.com/beta.

Berry predicts that in the near future, drone delivery will become a common part of everyday life.

If you live in Hong Kong you have also a chance to get flowers delivered by drone.


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