First Micro FPV Quadcopter 3D Drone DIY

Deal Score+2
Deal Score+2

I decided to do something new and I created first micro 3D racing drone with FPV. This little guy is quite fast, has great ESC with high power output ( even 3amp per motor ) so can fly quite awesome. So how I manage it ?! , well to make it we don’t need any technician abiliity or knowlage, we just need to buy UDI 27 and print a frame 🙂

What do we need:

Drone Udi U27

FPV Camera FX979T

Quadcopter frame Fireflo V3

Diatone soft antivibration rubbers

Frame Fireflo V3 is just great, big thanks for ” SirQuentin ” who created and share this frame for free. I love 3 things in this frame:

  1. Low weight ( only 9g with rubbers )
  2. 3 anti vibration rubbers so no gello effect on FPV
  3. It’s for free YAY ! 🙂

I am using motors 8,5mm cause motors in this size got more trust and will works longer than 7mm.  Con for this fireflo v3 is a size :/ , we are not able to use big 75mm props.

” Donor ” UDI U27 I decide to use this great old drone casue it has great ESC with high amp output and FC allow to fly 3D. Stock props are good enought to carry whole drone with big battery and FPV set. I didn’t find any cons for this quad.

Open the frame and take out motors and FC, this is really no big deal so no worries there is no way that something will go wrong.

I used double tape to attach FC to new frame, also I used hot glue to secure motors and FPV camera. Don’t be hesitate to try new things and find your own way to make it work case this is like lego :).

To power up this beast use a high C battery like 35C-70C and minimum 500mah or 750mah. Kind of this battery will give a kick to a drone. To secure battery on frame I am using strong but thin double tape 3M.

I will update this post with more pics. Don’t be hesitate to ask some question guys ! 🙂


  1. Nice what kind of printer did you use?

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