First Drone Phone from LG U+ is coming soon

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LG company has announced the new project of 2in1 drone phone. Korean corporation LG called this project 505 BY LGU+ .

LG drone phone will be capable to fly during video calls, watching a movie on it or take a selfie in the air. Whatever you will do with your drone phone, you will have hands free, using a drone mode 🙂 It will even hover 360°around you  even when you jump on a bungee.

LG drone phone will have also self charging feature and it will light your way at night with 5000cd luminous intensity- really powerful flying flashlight.

Sceptics say that it’s impossible to create this kind of drone phone. I’m realistic  that believe in the technology and I understand the meaning of the “concept” or project ” words” 🙂 and I know that there’s a possibility that idea will be upraded or changed , so it means that drone phone from LG will not look or work exactly the same as on the video. The video is just computer simulation.

Will drone phone from LG ever appear? I don’t know. LG company does not provide information right now…

Actualization 02.12.2017: LG drone phone doesn’t exist right now. The concept=project=idea can be upgraded, which means that if it appear on the market , it would look and work the same like in the video below… BTW it’s not sponsored article 🙂


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  1. Im just woundering whem will the LG drone Phone be ready to buy and what will the price be

  2. 2017-05-06 at 22:11
    How to purchase this drone phon
    And what the prise India what I do ?
    Rep fast

    • I’m afraid that you can’t. This phone drone do not exist yet …. LG announced drone phone as a project and still no info when will they produce it and sell

  3. what type of idiot designed this? If this project/company looks for public funding I will report them to the international fraud squad.

    • The idea is good and LG is not the the start-up comapny and it won’t risk the name. It’s just future concept, but technology is developing very fast and it’s possible to create drone phone 🙂 Maybe it won’t be exactly the same as in the video, but that’s how work concepts. It could be upragraded. It’s more possible that LG will just forget about this project, but I doubt that they will ask for money and sell a SCAM… The company has to much to loose….

  4. How to purchase this drone phon
    And what the prise India what I do ?
    Rep fast

  5. love to see this phone when it launch ???

  6. Quanto custa 505 drone fone

  7. Want to purchase LG drone 505. How soon can this be possible.
    Sam C.

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