FireFLY6 Hybrid 2in1 Multirotor and Aeroplane

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firefly6 multirotor

Meet FireFLY6 first VTOL multirotor RC in the world that flies autonomously. FireFLY6 is functional  2in1 equpiment from BirdsEyeView Aerobotics, that can give you a opportunity to fly an aeroplane or  multirotor-  everything in one machine. Multirotor mode is a great solution for small space, but if you want to really explore the sky and fly  far away, aeroplane would be bullseye.

FireFLY 6 has got a special construction. FireFLY6 hybrid multi-rotor RC aircraft has detachable, magnetic wings , detachable tail and two rotors in a front, wchich can be tilt 90-degrees. These kind of solutions help you transform an aeroplane into multirotor fast and easy.

FireFLY6 was equipped with special computer -the Aerobotics Bridge, that makes your aircraft fly on forward and hovering flight modes . It makes your flight really convenient.


FireFLY6 is technically an Y6 configuration tri-rotor aircraft, which is crafted in an assembled airframe made of EPO foam body and wood-composite internal structure.



Flight time is max 30 min with 4S batteries (it depends of your setup). In hover mode FireFLY6 is able to fly 7 minutes.

It’s weight is about 2,7 kg and can lift two GoPro Hero 3 cameras without any problem.


FireFLY6 VTOL multi-rotor RC aircraft price is $499.

The FireFLY6 kit will come complete with 6 motors, ESCs and props (PowerPACK), detachable tail, hatches and magnetic wings. for $854.98.


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