FEDOR Russian Military Robot?

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Russia has created prototype of Android humanoid Robot- FEDOR with special space mission purpose, as Russian inventors claim. Is Fedor could be a Russian response for USA military robots of Boston Dynamics?


Kirill- Patriarch of Russia met FEDOR robot on the International Orthodox Student Forum in Moscow

FEDOR robot — Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research, is a continuation of Russian project named “Avatar” from 2014. “Avatar” robot was created to save people from the rubble, but its better version of Russian robot -FEDOR will explore the space in 2020.

Russian humanoid robot FEDOR is designed to fulfill special precise tasks as open the door using a key, solder or drive a car.

Because of eternal political fight between USA and Russia, the observers suspect that Russia create it’s own military army of robots. USA has created military robot Atlas from Boston Dynamics, maybe Russia in fear of war decided to create FEDOR?


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