Fatshark V2 vs DIY Quanum V1 Goggles Comparison

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While I wait for my Fatshark Dominator v3’s to arrive from rmrc, I thought I’d do a rudimentary comparison between Hobbyking’s Quanum FPV goggles [16:9] and Fatshark Predator v2, filmed using an iphone. (Yes that is a sun spot on the top right of my fatsharks dammit)

The iphone doesn’t capture the real eye view that well unfortunately.

In my opinion, the Fatsharks are more immersive and have much more clarity. The Quanum goggles do have brightness/contrast/colour adjust functions, but they don’t seem to do much compared to the Fatsharks functionality.

I suspect that it would be better to replace the fresnel lens in the Quanum goggles with some 2x reading glasses in order to reduce the pixilation effect of the fresnel lens.

The weight of the Quanum goggles is good actually. Nice and light.

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