FatBee FB90 Review Unbox Turbo Mini FPV 2s Racing Drone

FatBee FB90 Eachine is first legit 2s powered micro drone from Eachine. Props are well protected so we can use it at home and even if we touch a wal or something it will not stop props  😎 , but this drone is a bit to powerful to use it at home :). FB90 is a rocket compare to other micro drones due to great power ot of box, lets check what is inside :).


90 mm frame size
F3 SP Racing flight controller on thge board
HD camera on the board
40 mm propellers
8520 Β 2s motors
2s 400mah battery
PAL/NTSC video output


FatBee will come in a box which really good scure all parts , under a manuals we can see most expensive insect so far πŸ˜‰ .

In the box we can find:

  • FB90
  • 2 x LiPo 2s 400mah battery
  • USB 2s charger
  • 2 x 8520 brushed motor ( 1 x cw & 1 x ccw )
  • 4 x spare props
  • Prop key
  • 2 x battery strap/holder

Frame & FC & FPV

Top shell looks great and also porotects very well, all electronic parts inside.

FC has built in FRsky receiver (to active SBUS U have to turn on UART3 port ) , whole FC is really small and seems to be super light, I love the motors connetcors where we can easily repleace motors without any solder job ! πŸ˜› . Uploading Betaflight was bit tricky, after couple minutes I noticed that on the middle of the board are ” Boot pins ”Β  πŸ™„ . Β I noticed that on FC we got old as fxxx power ends /esc ( simple transistors ), these transistors are super slow and not very efficience Β ( my old Lantian LT 105 has ”Β MOS” which are 100x better ) .

FPV camera is 25mw 40ch and video quality is really not bad. Lens and antenna is well secured by frame so it’s ready for some goooooood crahes πŸ˜‰ .


On the front where is a camera we can see two led lights, which looks like shining eyes when we mount a top shell. We can easily mount these leds where we want , cable is long enought, if we will race then good idea could be to mount these two leds on the back πŸ™‚ .

Charger & batteries

USB battery charger seems to be good enought because it stops charging at 8.37V, Β but ofcourse this one doesn’t has storge mode so remeber to don’t leave fully charged batteries for longer than Β 24H , other wise cells will lose life span rapidly.

LiPo batteries 2s 400mah are big like super big compare to a drone. For sure these beig lipos will give great power but I think these are to heavy, weight of one LiPo is 21grams . Best choice of battery size for FB90 for long flight time could be 2s 300mah and for FPV racing/ freestyle 2s 200mah ( shorter flight time but much much more power and this is why we want to use 2s battery in this drone ” To increase power ” , not to be same slow like 1s drone , do we ?). I tested 1s battery on this drone but doesn’t wont to fly πŸ˜›

Motors & props

8520 motors are not bad on 1s battery and on 2s battery it’s a madness, ofcourse 2s battery will rapidly decrease life span because motors are brushed . But in this shorter life span we will have great fun.

Ducted system with 2s lipo will provide great thrust.



Weight is really low compare to extra top shell and big props protctors, only 43grams . With battery weight jumps to 64 grams what is really tu much, you know what do I think Β about these big size 2s 400mah LiPos… .

Size comparison

That’s looks delicousΒ  😈

My opinion

FatBee FB90 is a great choice for pilots who need more power than simple 1s drones , want to save some $$ but don’t want to build DIY drone . FB90 is really cheap compare to used parts and some extra included, but these simple transistors as a power ends are really old ( I am not sure thy eachine decided to use it, meybe because lack of sapce on FC ). Anyway even with old power ends this drone will give us a great fun, it’s small fast and furious πŸ™‚ .

In next part of my review I will do some comparison between FB90 vs QX 70 vs LT105

I am always honest in my opinions/reviews ( PiratΒ is incorruptible ).
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It doesn’t wont to fly !! , will I buy it again ? NO !.
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