Explaining my Rocker-bogie FPV Rover And Control Station

Deal Score+2
Deal Score+2

I made a short video where i describe my Rocker-bogie FPV Rover And Control Station.
In the video i describe the different part of the Rover and Control Station.

  • Top speed about 6-7 km/h.
  • About 20 cm ground clearance.
  • Pan and tilt of the camera (Bearings to get a sturdy construction)
  • Headlamp for the camera (a demolished flashlight).
  • Siren to scare bad people.
  • Daytime running lights.
  • 1W 2.4GHz Video and audio FPV
  • Using a HM-TRLR-S LoRa transceiver to control it.
  • Text To Speech (Can send text from the Control station and the rover speak it)
  • Water resistant compartments.
  • All coding in Python

More info see: http://www.steelsquid.org/

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