EPIC FPV ! Most Beautiful Aerial Desert Flying EVER! – Moab, Utah

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If you’ve ever wanted to fly through a Martian landscape, this is as close as you can possibly get! Absolutely breathtaking scorched red terrain, majestic cliffs, beautiful rivers covered with water lilies made of ice, natural stone arches, and narrow chasms barely big enough to fly through all make up one of my best FPV videos yet. Shot in the open desert west of Moab, Utah.

Filmed in the open deserts west of Moab, Utah, this place is a fantasy land of FPV terrain, both exciting and treacherous. Edited to a fantastic soundtrack score by E.S. Posthumus, if you don’t get goosebumps, you might want to check for a pulse!

Special thanks to ground camera man Ken Barney for getting those amazing shots!

©2011 Todd J Sheridan, all rights reserved.

Aerial Platform: Deep Reaper from CrashTestHobby.com
Long Range UHF TX/RX: DragonLink from DragonLabs.net
OSD: DragonLabs DOSD V2+
Video Feed: LawMate 2.4 via Pixim Seawolf Camera
HD Video: GoPro Hero 2 1080p 30fps
Turnigy 35-42 1250kv motor with 60 amp ESC and 10×6 APC prop
4S 6600 mah Lipos (2×3300)
VTX Antenna – IBCrazy Vee
VRX Antenna – BiQuad & 8dbi RHCP Patch in backpack ground station
Oracle Video Diversity controller


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