Eagle takes down Drone in Dutch Police

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Dutch national police forces in cooperation with company Guard From Above trains eagles to capture illegal drones.

Take down drones using a living animal is extremely pointless idea that we have ever heard. Could be to dangerous for  the eagle?

LeBaron the director of the organization’s Christmas Bird Count claims that that birds can hit the drone in such a way that they don’t get injured by the rotors. The eagle attacks a drone the way a bird might attack another bird – in the middle of the back.

 Drone technology develops day by day. Manufactured drones are becoming larger and more powerful, made of increasingly better and more sustainable components. Drones can fly with incredibly high speed. Even well trained eagle won’t have chance to catch devices with extremely high torque spinning blades of rigid plastic/carbon.

We advice to look for technology solution for illegal drone flights, insted expose eagles for  possibly injuries.


For those who don’t see nothing wrong with that idea ,Mythbusters demonstrate how a home drone can injure a living being by pitting a rotor against a chicken.


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  1. Most dumb idea ever this is like victimization on animals ! Eagle will be chopped in mid air .
    Plastic prop can easily cut skin to the bone, carbo prop can easly chopp off fingers what then can do wood prop ? ….

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