Eachine VR011 FPV 5 Inch Goggles with Diversity and OSD

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Say hello for VR011 – the newest model of FPV goggles from Eachine. At the first look we can see that design of Eachine goggles is a little bit different from the others and that because it’s trasformable product and can be put on tripod and used as monitor- first FPV goggles with DIY frame.  Cool solution 2in1 – goggles and monitor 🙂

Eachine goggles comes with adjustable and comfortable T type headband and ventilation hole. Eachine VR011 FPV  has 5 inch LCD display with  800x480p resolution and screen brightness 500cd/m2 . Eachine VR011 has also OSD function, that could shout down. Maybe the resolution is not the best ever, but for 75$ nobody expects miracles. In practice the FPV view will pretty much the same as in case Eachine VR-D2 Pro and these are also good goggles, so we can’t complain, because Eachine VR011 FPV are cheaper.

Eachine VR011 FPV goggles has diversity with sensitibity around -95dBm, but the user has no possibility to tune the Fresnel’s lens distance.

Eachine VR011 FPV goggles has 40CH 5.8G frequency and auto-searching frequency function.

Eachine VR011 FPV goggles has no built-in DVR, but has a port for external DVR, so it’s easy “to fix” it  and now Banggood gives for free Eachine PRoDVR for every pre-order- Snap up! PROMO. So it’s worth to pre-order 🙂

Eachine VR011 FPV goggles – next product from Eachine, affordable, great quality with a lot of needed functions. Good deal!

Specifications of Eachine VR011 FPV Goggles:

Frequency: 5.8GHz 40CH
Screen resolution: 800x480P
Screen brightness: 500cd/m²
Battery compability: 2s battery(7.4-8.4v)
Working current: 350-420mA
Reception sensitivity: -95dBM
Battery: 7.4v 1000mah Lipo battery
Working time: 1.5 hours
Net weight: 370g
Screen weight: 204g
Straight pole antenna weight: 6.3g
Whole size: 168*172.5*100mm(exclude antenna and antenna holder)
Screen size: 152*69.5*86.5mm(exclude antenna and antenna holder)
Receiver connector: RP-SMA male

  Frequency Table(GHz)
Frequency Band A 5.865 5.845 5.825 5.805 5.785 5.765 5.745 5.725
Frequency Band B 5.733 5.752 5.771 5.79 5.809 5.828 5.847 5.866
Frequency Band C 5.705 5.685 5.665 5.645 5.885 5.905 5.925 5.945
Frequency Band D 5.740 5.760 5.780 5.800 5.820 5.840 5.860 5.880
Frequency Band E 5.658 5.695 5.732 5.769 5.806 5.843 5.88 5.917

Package included:
Eachine VR011 goggles
2 x Straight pole antenna
7.4v 1000mAh Lithium battery
Audio cable
Clean cloth


9.1 Total Score
Eachine VR011 FPV Goggles

Screen quality
  • Diversity
  • OSD
  • 2in1 build -could be use as goggles and as monitor
  • Cheap
  • Good quality
  • The resolution of the screen could be better
  • No built-in DVR
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