Eachine VR D2 Newest Firmware DOESN’T UPDATE

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Eachine released couple weeks ago an update for Eachine VR D2, which supposed to fix some issues with DVR (you can find it in Bangggood).


If you decided to upgrade then you’ll have 50% chance that DVR will work after update. Problem is with firmware, if you decide to update your goggles and you will be not able to see OSD or DVR, then I’ve got bad news for you…That’s a real problem… You will never be able to make it work again (to make it work again you will need to have an experience with electronics and, because chip is bricked) .

Next thing is that newest firmware will not fix any blackouts in DVR when thendiversity switches between antennas 🙄

So is it worth it? I think no. I haven’t upgraded my goggles, because I really don’t want to mess with bricked chip. If you have already this problem , please write about it in comments, maybe we will find a solution or share the knowledge.


Edit. #

Job de Jong sent me a link to a movie ” How to replace DVR board in VR D2 “. I think that eachine should replace all bricked boards for free. Anyway here is a movie.

  1. They just ignore me I know they lost business over this it’s unbelievable

  2. Same here it bricked my goggles I’m pisssssedddd

  3. Unfortunately I had not read …. I upgraded. …. Where I could find the old firmware?
    thank you

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