Eachine MC02 Review opinion Great FPV camera BUT is it The Best ?

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

Eachine MC02 is one of the best mini FPV camera on the market so far. It has all features, that fpv camera should have and even more…. But unfortunately Eachine MC02 has also one¬†serious issue.

This camera is simply great for mini drones and for big drones aswell; its weight is really low, image is super sharp , TX power can be switch from 25mw to 250mw and it quite cheap ūüôā . It’s first mini FPV camera with¬†video output/input, so can be easily use with OSD.

In the box we can find everything what is needed and even more.


Here you can see this camera & other included stuff in 360 image:

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Camera is small, but has a lot of features, which are easy to change/use.

On the top we have two switches- left to power up/change TX power, right to change channel/band. On the back 4 slides to change some options ( very useful, but I have noticed that my button are mirrored, so the 1st one is the 4th one and the 4th one is  the 1st one- little mess xD ). On the front we can see Big Huge lens , and mic is on the right bottom corner. The antenna can be bead easily, so it should not break in case of small crash :).

Manual will tell you whole true ūüôā

2 sets of cables ( first one is ready to connect it to RC receiver and second one to connect it to battery or pcb). Red / Black are plus and minus, white is a PWM signal input for changing channel/band , yellow are video input/output.


If we want to see a video, we have to connect together two yellow¬†cables ( input/output ). I think this is great feature, because we can easily connect MC02 to OSD. If we are not using OSD and we want to safe some weight, we can do some kind of short adapter. To make it I ¬†have used cables from FC, because there is the same connector. When it’s done it’s looks like this:

What really suprised me is the fact ,that Eachine included 5 pieces of battery connectors, so we can solder first and last pin to power up FPV transmitter.For my opinion it’s useless, because it just increase¬†the number of cables and the weight. I prefer to connect camera straight to pcb (of course MC02 can handle 2s-6s battery, so there are no worries about to high input voltage).


The next thing is “Step up power module, which increase volatge from 1s 3.7V-4.2V to 5V . This is very useful part, so I am glad that we can find it in the box.

Please noticed that this camera is to heavy for 1s battery drones, especially with extra step up module and cables¬†(of course on the other case this part is “Must have”).


This is how this camera looks in Little Beast

My fast review and DVR recorded video while using MC02

Now Pros & Cons


  1. Switchable TX power output from 25mw to 250mw – this is very usefull, especially when you are flying in a forest where is a lot of bushes trees and 25mw is simply not enought, so by using only one button you can increase power 10 times !
  2. Small and light.
  3. Super sharp image, compare to other mini cameras. MC02 has the best most sharp image I have seen so far.
  4. Lots of stuff in the box, like cables, connectors and of course ” Step up power module”.
  5.  Video is visible when is quite dark ( after sunset)


  1. Image is to dark, I can’t see shit !!! ( this is only one con¬†for this camera, otherwise it would be literally ” Best FPV mini camera on the market ” )


This camera is not usable for me, because I don’t use OSD & I want¬†to see where I’m flying, especially when I’m flying fast between bushes trees etc…

At the day time , when sun is shining pretty much, EC02 works great, but on the early morning or on the sunset MC01 is much better. Even if the video is less detailed I still see a great¬†bright image. Maybe only my camera has this problem… Maybe cows will fly… But for sure I will stick to my MC01 for now.

But if you are looking for camera with OSD support and switchable power then MC02 is worth your attention. Brightness can be extra adjusted in your FPV goggles/monitor.

Buy here EAchine MC02

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Buy here EAchine MC01

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  1. hi same conclusion for me
    Indoor or during a sunny day that’s perfect but in forest or dark atmosphere you don’t see bushes, branches or small details

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