Eachine Aurora 68 Big Tiny Whoop FPV Racing Drone Review

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

Eachine Aurora 68 is a small but powerful racing drone for indoor & outdoor use, high quality & no compromises. For long time I treated eachine drones as a low quality stuff but I see that this is changing, newest Eachine Aurora 68 makes me smile at first sight , it looks  so goddamn Delicious ( the toughest & the best looking micro drone so far). Quality is very impressive, all parts fits perfectly fine and whole electronic is super secured so no worries about crashes :). In the box we will find all almost all goodies which are needed, only USB charger is missing but this drone been made for FPV enthusiast so this is not a big problem.

Lets check what is in the box


Small but kind of tough, even when some angry post man will kick this box around then drone inside will be still in one piece 🙂 .

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What is in the BOX

Not standard stuff, there is more than I expected. Look at two different cables to connect PC to FC , this is great idea. Extra double tapes/ straps and bunch of rubber bands ( I love it ). Ofcourse drone ,battery & manuals 😉  . Only 2s battery charger is missing so we can say that this is a CON.

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Eachine Aurora 68 in details / Frame / FC & ESC / …

Honestly this drone looks great, black carbon parts & yellow plastic looks Delicious. Also it seems to be crashproof, carbon parts are maybe thin & super light but whole frame been made very wisely. Frame connections are in most important spots which makes this constuction very stiff, also plastic parts are molded not printed what increase strenght !.

Frame is protecting literally all compontonets , from simple props to FPV antenna/cam.

Motors 1102 11500KV with 4 blades 1535 props should provide great thrust for this drone, especially if we consider that weight is only 48g. then this could be super fast pocket drone.

Flight controller is SP 3F Omnibus with built in OSD & BEC, stock gyro rate is 8/2khz so this is pro stuff.

ESC works with 1-2S battery which is good enought, but the best thing is DSHOT 600 as a deafult ! , so flight should be super smooth.

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FPV Camera / Buzzer & Leds

FPV AIO 600 TVL Camera has 25mw , switchable PAL/NTSC. After small testing in da home I can say that image is crispy and bright so really not bad.

Buzzer is really useful thing, especially when lose a drone on huge field, buzzer is very loud 🙂 .

4 leds on the back are extra feature ti make this drone bit more pro 🙂 , but don’t use all 4 at the same time becasue this little leds are super bright and super power hungry :). So I think best choice is to use larson scanner, this should add extra couple sec of flight time 🙂 .

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Extra accessories

4 spare props !! yay !

Screw driver + alan key ( this is not a joke, is really hard to find alan key 1.0 size , so good bless wise eachine devs who included this thing into a set !

Two different USB adapters to connect FC to PC

5 x rubber bands

Some double tapes

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Betaflight & ESC settings

Here U can see my settings

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The best battery, size comparison

So this is tiny drone and needs small battery ?! , not really 🙂 . Stock one is 400mah but Gens Ace 2s 520mah seems to be bit better choice becasue is just a little bit bigger than stock one. Big flat Bolt 2s 500mah is bit to ” over size ” , air flow could be blocked a bit. Nanotech 2s 300mah 35-70C  could be best choice due to high current and low weight.

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Flight test

Will be added :0)

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My opinion

So far I am super immpressed about quality of this drone and built in features. As you know I am honest as fuck so I am not saying that all drones are great but this little shit has something special inside, built in OSD/DSHOT 600/ FRsky telemetry , this is not features which has all mini drones for this size. I got this feeling that this drone is pocket BEAST , but is it ?! we will see after some outdoor testing.

Stay tuned , this review will be updated.

This review been supported by Banggood.com, without Banggood this review could never exist so special Thanks ! :* . BUT I am always honest in my opinions/reviews ( FPVtv is incorruptible ).
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  1. Any update on the flight review for the Aurora 68. Great unboxing review! Also any comments on tuning tweaks / how it handles with stock pids

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