Drones at school ?

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FlyLab offers an innovative, low cost and easy to use solution to transform the traditional way science is currently being taught at schools.

Using a drone and other tech components, FlyLab enables the students and their teachers to go beyond the classroom and carry out practical experiments in a wide range of subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering.

Over 1,200 schools across the UAE teach subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry that require the students to do practical exercise. Most of the time, students carry out practical exercises in the classroom or in the lab. In both cases, the practical component in the exercises is limited and thus hinder the subject’s ability to grasp the learning objectives of the exercise. These traditional methods of teaching lack the innovation and fun that keep students motivated to maintain a passion for these subjects.

FlyLab consists of drones equipped with sensors and computer/microcontrollers such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. The drone communicates while flying with the student’s computer or device.

Key Features of FlyLab:

-Easy to use in schools without the need for big investment
-Teachers and students don’t need to have a previous experience working with drones
-Can be applied in a wide range of subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering
-It has many safety features, which can be initiated by a switch on the controller
-Different sensors can be used to fulfill the needs of the practical exercise
-Can support a wide range of drones and Single-Board-Computers (SBC)

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