Drones Are Our Future Lifeguards

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Drones have the potentials to safe human’s life. Drones play vital role in ┬áthe most dangerous situationsigns helping to react fast and efficiently.


Green Solution is aiming to save lives by testing a lifeguard drone on Chile’s sandy beaches, according to an Associated Press report.

Video of the drones in use on Algarrobo beach shows off the float, camera, microphone and speaker-equipped quadcopters.

A drone is shown quickly dropping a floatation preserver to a swimmer, before a lifeguard is seen swimming to the rescue.

The float is attached to the bottom of the drone and an on-board camera monitors the exact location of the swimmer.

The speaker and microphone allows lifeguards on the beach to communicate with the swimmer and give instructions or receive valuable information.

According to MyFOXDC, Green Solution, is hoping put their life-saving drones to use in Chile by next summer.



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