DRONEBOX Welcome to the Internet of Drones!

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DRONEBOX is a new  revolutionary system from  H3 Dynamics  that helps automate professional drone operations in numerous industrial applications. Welcome to the Internet of Drones!

DRONEBOX is a drone nesting solution that helps automate professional drone operations in numerous industrial applications.It’s also a grid-independent drone battery charging system that removes costly or dangerous tasks, remote area travel and operations. Finally – it’s a networked and movable surveillance and inspection sensor systems broaden the Internet of Things.

DRONEBOX transforms professional UAV sensing services.Get ready for fully automated, scheduled or on-demand drone security and inspection services in the field, anywhere, anytime, from the comfort of your office.

No need for pilots
No need to service UAVs
No need to travel to faraway sites

Dynamics is an internacionale company from Singapore, devided of three groups.

HES Energy Systems
AEROPAK fuel cells for UAV
REMOBOX fuel cells for Field Sensors
SOLDIERPAK fuel cells

HUS Unmanned Systems
DRONEBOX connected drone nests
HYCOPTER endurance multi-rotor
Endurance fixed-wing UAV platforms

HAS Awareness Systems


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