Droneball Go anti-collision drone from Indiegogo

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Say hello to Droneball Go- new invention drone of Indiegogo straight from UK. This FPV drone is surrounded by special anti-collision cage, that makes Droneball one of the safest drones on the market. This smart cage is flexible, rotating and tough and makes  Droneball Go amazing crash proof and extreme enviroment friendly. This drone will be useful and universal drone for racing, cinematography, fun or even research or inspection tasks. It’s great drone to use indoor and outdoor.

What else has ANDREW MACDONALD-The originator and creator of anti-collision drone,prepared for potential buyers?

Execpt of protective cage on the board of Dragonball we can find patent-pending stabilization system, 1080p camera, GPS and powerful brushless motors. FPv range is just enough- 400m (not WOW) 🙂 The time of flight is 10 minutes on 3s lipo battery- not really impressing…

To sum up 🙂 For 399$ and 49$ of worldwide shipment we get RTF Droneball Go drone on the box.The price for now seems to be fair , but it told that it will be higher.The most attractive thing on Droneball Go drone is protective cage and stabilization system. Other features like camera, motors or GPS are standard for these days. Time of flight and FPV distance might dissapoint pro drone users.


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