Drone Visual Marine Navigation System

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marine navigation drone

We believe what we have developed is beyond a drone. It is a ‘platform’ for stability, renewable energy and better payloads, ideally suited for aspects of marine safety.

Recognising the need for visual navigation support for ships and marine vessels in all sectors, we have developed a UAV solution.

The UAE has a booming port and maritime trade sector and has placed a new order for an additional class of patrol boats, Al Saber Class – all of whom will benefit from a safer and tangible navigational medium. We have specialised a drone platform that serves this purpose.

Our innovative drone arraNewngement and design give the ship’s crew with an additional perspective alongside the ship’s onboard radar and dynamic positioning system through a live transmitted video feed, enabling them to make better decisions in cases of emergency. Simply having a visual of everything present around the ship and what is coming ahead from a much higher vantage point can be extremely beneficial.

This concept will also be applicable in pirate prone areas, difficult to dock ports, and rocky or coral seas or areas populated by marine animals.

The overall configuration consists of four small drones that are attached at the end of a one-of-a-kind quadrilateral platform, which together are able to take off and stabilise in harsher weather conditions.

The platform, with a universal mount, can allow the drones to carry a variety of payloads such as HD cameras, night vision cameras, fog cameras, thermal imagining camera etc. according to the conditions outside.

The use of four drones allows for a better payload carrying platform, optimum weight to lift ratio and a unique automating stabilising technique, by symbiotically working the 16 propellers together, making the drones wind resistant. This platform, with its higher payload carrying capacity, allows alternate sources of power to be carried on board to improve endurance. The attachment of a floater prevents the platform from sinking.

This platform is also collapsible through a ‘hinged strut design’ allowing easy storage and portability on board. The system will be semi-automated in such a way that only lift-off and landing will need to be controlled but once in the air at the desired altitude from the lift-off point, the configuration is able to follow the ship (through built in ‘Follow Me’ feature on the drones) and provide a consistent live feed to the ship’s captain and other personnel on monitors or smart phones (through FPV transmitters).

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