Drone Technology is Magic

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Drone technology become a magic in one of parts MagicLab.

In every part of MagicLab , Marco Tempest is trying to prove us that technology is magic. This time Marco Tempest shows drones flying around his body like trained birds. A hundred years ago that would have been a magic of levitation,but today technology has no limit and surprises us everyday. Weel-trained drones can make a really good  impression on everyone, a specially if these guadcopters make a tricks and understand every command. The combination of technology, illusion and imagination it’s a key to success of this drone show.

These drones are designed by Daito Manabe, Motoi Ishibashi and their team at Rhizomatiks Research in Tokyo . What for? This show of quadcopters  it’s a proof  that artistic interaction between man and machine is fun and possible. Quacopters are able to analyze enviroment around them and react .This magic happens because of the algorithms. Mathematics makes drone intelligent and brings them to live.

At the end of the show , drones are packing itself in a suitcase. Tadam !

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