Drone Taxi in Dubai became reality

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A6-RTA  is prototype 18-rotor passanger drone  made by German company Volocopter. It will be one of the first in the world flying taxi drone and it will be flying on the sky of Dubai. Volocopter taxi drone  has successfully completed its final flight and hopefully in the close future goverment in Dubai will approve passenger drone as one of the means of transport, less polluting faster and more energy efficient, then typical taxi car. The taxi drone won’t also stuck in the traffic jam 🙂

The potential passagers will order the flight using special application.

Passanger drone will be capable to fly autonomusly or could be operated by joystick . It can take two passengers on the board. For increase the safety , taxi drone will have parachute, that  in case of life threat will be asecurate the emergency landing.

For now passangers can enjoy the flight for 30 minutes and the maxium speed of 62 mph.

Drone from German Volocopter will be a main competitor for chinese Ehang, that also is planning to send their taxi drone to the sky of  Dubai.  Even the Jetsons might be jelous:)

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