Drone quadcopter brushed or brushless which one is better

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In small drones, not bigger than 120mm we can find brusshed or brushless motors. 2016 was a year where drone technology was growing super fast, so now we can buy a lot of very light micro drones made by biggest manufacturers like: Eachine , Walkera , Kingkong  etc… 2015 was a year of big and heavy drones. In 2017 trend for smaller and much lighter with more efficient parts will be continued. For long time we have seen many micro brushed drones, but now brushless micro motors roll out. So which one are better and why? The difference between these two type of motors is huge; brusshed motor is super easy to use , we just need to  connect motor straight to battery +/- and it’s working  (there is no need to use any exotic electronic- simple as fuxx ). Brushless motors are bit more complicated, we need special controller to make it work.

So now lets check advantages and disadvantages

Brushed Brushless
 Easy to use  Easy to use, just DC power source is nedeed. We need special ESC controller to run motor
 Efficience  Low efficiency  Very high efficiency
 Power  Low power Much bigger power than brushed at the same size
 Tuning  Not possible  Can be easily tuned by ESC
Life span  Short life span due to built in mechanic parts ( brushes )  No mechanical parts built in, can work forever
Temperatures  Getting hot quite fast, due to mechanical parts have to by  Getting hot quite fast,
Weight  Very heavy compare to efficiency  Even with ESC brushless motors is much lighter & much more powerfull than brushed
 Price  Super cheap  Expensive , at least 4 times more than brushed + ESC if needed ( price could the same as motor )

So now let’s make it clear, which one is better for your needs…

If are a beginner and you want a cheap micro drone just for chillout, then get one with brushed motors. Easy to fix , super cheap spare motors and no problems in use.

My choice:

Lantian LT105 ( powerful, cheap , easy to use )

Eachine QX90 ( powerful, cheap , easy to use )


If you want to feel more power, some tuning possibilites and your budget can handle couple more $, then brushless motor should be your choice.

My choice:

Kingkong Q90 ( ARF, preassembled , good parts, but we can build better drone at bit higher price )

Eachine Aurora 90 ( great chillout drone, can be used indoors, but heavy as fuxx -it will fly like fat cow, also very expensive cow )

Build your own, so far ARF drones are not better than DIY at same price , but this could be tricky one, because all parts are super tiny, so high soldering skill is needed .


In 2017 I will not buy any more brushed drones.  Future is brushless  😎

Cheers  😉

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