Drone pizza delivery in a distorting mirror

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Do you like it ?0

Drone pizza delivery is new idea and hot topic, because. Some of us might say that’s really stupid idea, but other that it’s brilliant 🙂 So as always … The idea has its supporters and opponents 🙂 So let’s speculate how  drone pizza delivery might look like 🙂 We’ve got  variants :

Drone pizza delivery pioneers- “Domino”, see it like that 🙂 Drone delivery friendy variant 🙂

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Sceptics of drone pizza delivery see it like that 🙂 Definitely not a food porn 🙂

and in relation to the point 2 and sceptics of drone pizza delivery we have two advice 🙂

  • Choose other option of pizza delivery 🙂


  • You can always order a bread 🙂 Pigeons delivery was irreplaceable… in in the Middle Ages:)

It’s not because we don’t like sceptics, but we need to realize that if we don’t try new things, we won’t learn new things 🙂 It’s called “the Evolution” 🙂

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