Drone Megacopter that can lift an adult human in Guinness World Records

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Henning Pedersen and students of the University of Oslo (all Norway) built a giant drone which has flown into the record books after achieving the Heaviest payload lifted by a remote-controlled multicopter.

Named the Megacopter, the unmanned autocraft lifted an incredible weight of 61 kg (134 lb 7.6 oz, excluding the weight of the craft itself) when it was officially tested at the Oslo Science Park, Oslo, Norway. the payload had to be elevated to a height over 1 m (3 ft 3 in) for a minimum of 30 seconds.

The vehicle’s rotors are varied in speed via a wireless remote-control to give the craft lift and thrust. Check out the video below.

The mammoth drone uses similar technology to that at work in Alexandru Duru’s record-breaking hoverboard flight – but with the hoverboard there is no evidence that this kind of payload can be lifted without a pilot on board to stabilise it.

The Megacopter has a frame built with aluminium and plywood, sports 48 motors, 13 propellers, and it took 18 months to complete.

The record-breaking achievement was part of the UiO: Experiences project, which promotes engineering and science education in Norway.

The Megacopter is legally registered to lift up to 149.9 kg – watch this space to see if Henning Pedersen and the students can break their own record in the future.

By Rachel Swatman for guinnessworldrecords.com
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