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Jamie O’brien is  a professional surfer from North Shore, Hawaii.Up until Jamie’s time, almost all professional surfers selfishly shared the same goal of qualifying for the World Tour and winning a title. Jamie, however, is not like most people. Instead of grinding it out and trying to qualify, Jamie produced videos. A combination of his raw talent and assertive attitude resulted in a huge success for the films. And just like that, the career of a professional freesurfer was born.
Jamie is the star of his own youtube show produced with RedBull called “Who is J.O.B.” The show is currently in its fifth season.

What had happend when “JOB” Jamie O’brien met Eric Sterman drone’s photographer born and reised on the North Shore of O’ahu , Hawaii and fascinated of the surfing lifestyle?

JAMIE O’BRIEN: “Eric and I have been talking about getting that clip for a while. We were talking about doing it at Pipe or Mainland Mexico, but we never ended up actually trying it. Then we were at Teahupo’o the other afternoon and he looked at me and said, “So you want to get a barrel with the drone?” The waves were perfect and we went for it.”

It’s really hard to keep the drone dry while you have to focus on making the barrel. When Jamie O’brien made it and he  let the drone go, and everyone on the boats started cheering and clapping.

Eric  Sterman won the contest of Jamie’s interest in the ever-competitive sphere known as the internet — there are plenty of topless drone neighbor clips out there, but Jamie has invested his interest here instead.

Eric’s victory speech: “You’ll be seeing a lot more of these new angles coming out by 2016.” So, we can’t wait!

And at the end we just want to mention that Eric Stelman using Gopro Hero4 and GH4 4k capabilites for his videos, that you can watch on his website www.stermanaerials.com


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