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Deal Score+1

When we are using racing drone, we need to be sure that everything is perfectly set. But sometimes drone drifts by itself. Mostly it happens, because receiver signal has wrongly set middle point as you can see on the screenshoot (in my case was 1517,but should be 1500).

My stock settings Should be
Roll 1517 1500
Ptch 1517 1500
Yaw 1517 1500
Throttle 1007 1000

Screen from Betaflight

If your drone drifts always in one direction it means, that for 99% all you have to do is change the middle point on your transmitter.

I am using Taranis X9D. As you can see here my stock setting is 1500, so I had to lower it a bit- to have 1500 in Betaflight.


In my case to achieve middle point I had to change values from 1500 to 1475 and middle point on Betaflight back on correct place 1500.

After this I didn’t notice any drifts, it’s super stable ! 🙂


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