Drone delivery in XS size

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Amazon has big plan for drone delivery- drones, charging stations, big  flying warehouses. This time someone else- The Laboratory of Intelligent Systems wants to show the world that drone delivery don’t need to be a huge project for the sellers. As the one of the inventor of this idea claims that the biggest problem is the storage of delivery drones, that takes a lot of space and the safety rules- propellers mounted in typical delivery drones aren’t secured well and might hurt the buyer….

In opinion engineers of Laboratory of Intelligent Systems the solution might  their delivery drone with folding cage contruction. It’ easy to storage- the size of the drone is deceresed to 10% ,after the process of delivering might fit the drawer.

The big  next advantage is the fact , that propellers are inside the metal cage construction and buyer can grab the drone into his hands , without worry that propellers gonna cut his hands.

Of course, inventors of the drone also made special Web Application , that allows the drone to fly autonomously from the one point to the other.

This solution is very interesting, but for now it’s a project that allows to transport small half kilo parcells – so it’s not a solution for everyone. Overall, the idea of safe delivery drone is really good and we hope that it will develop in the close future.

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