Drone Art: Arctic Wildlife & Landscapes

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Arctic Watch photographer Nansen Weber undertook the mission of filming on the Northwest Passage with the use of a drone.

Nansen spent four weeks filming at Arctic Watch and around Somerset Island. This video aims to share some of the magical wonders of the Northwest Passage – the beluga congregation of Cunningham Inlet, the polar bears living in the environment and the unique landscapes of this hidden gem in Canada.

Nansen Weber is the first to film high Arctic wildlife with the use of a drone.

Shot uniquely on the coast of Somerset Island, this video showcases one of the last beluga nurseries on earth – Cunningham Inlet. Nearly two thousand whales congregate annually within this inlet.

You don’t have to be an explorer to see this – visit www.ArcticWatch.ca for more information.

Videographer: Nansen Weber
Editor: Sacha Roy
Beluga underwater recordings: Valeria Vergara

Special thanks to Quark Expeditions for their generous support.


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