Dobot – Robotic Arm for Everyone

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Dobot is the world’s first high precision robotic arm at consumer grade. It features industrial scale accuracy and stability, intuitive and versatile controls, all at a highly competitive price.

Imagine when your new born baby says “flower” the first time in his/her life, and it gets sent to a Arduino robotic arm, automatically the word transforms to the character 龙 (dragon, see the video below) in Chinese calligraphy on a piece of paper or a 3D printed plastic flower, or be typed on a mobile phone that sends to your parents. it becomes tangible, sharable and connected to one of the most precious moments in your life.


If you are make, you will love Dobot’s tools. Great tools are always simple, beautiful and intuitive, like the hammer and laser head. We’re always attracted a lot by some film personages and really want to have a gadget about them, now Dobot robot arm will play a big role in it, you can grave a film figure by yourself with the help of Dobot arm, sounds cool, isn’t it?

Dobot robot arm can also well run with 3D pinting pen for simple design or playing with children, it’s interesting and easy to do, even though you’re not a maker, you can also easily control it.


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