DJI Phantom 4 makes dream come true

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Some of you might say “it’s an ad of DJI Phantom”. And yes it will be truth, but unusual story at the same time. It’s not another half-baked spot od DJI products. It’s true story captured by drone and people sensitive to others problems.

This time on DJI Stories- “Flight Without Wings”we can know better Florent, who is disabled to walk and moves in a wheelchair since birth. At the same time he is a huge fan of FPV and flying a drone- DJI Phantom 4. He uses DJI Phantom 4 to explore the world and places , that he wasn’t able to reach. DJ Phantom is tool to capture beauty and share it with the others using FPV goggles. Have you seen a medieval castle in Alsace, France? If you haven’t, enojoy the video 🙂

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