DJI Phantom 2 Vision + Plus

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The Phantom 2 Vision+ ushers in a new era of aerial cinematography with its brand new and incredibly stable 3-axis gimbal, combined with the sharp, powerful DJI-designed camera, making professional imaging tools easily accessible to everyone.

Ready to fly
3-axis camera stabilization
Precision flight and stable hovering
Radar positioning & return home
Onscreen real-time flight parameters
High performance camera
Camera tilt control
Film straight down
Supports Adobe DNG RAW
Adobe lens profile support
Camera parameter settings
Album synchronization

Ready to fly
The Phantom 2 Vision+ is simple to set up and super easy to fly, making it the first aerial filmmaking system for everyone. Now you can shoot fully stabilized video from the sky, right out of the box.

3-axis camera stabilization
A built-in high precision 3-axis camera stabilization system brings a whole new level of smoothness to your aerials and gives you total creative freedom in the sky.

High performance camera & parameter settings
The Phantom 2 Vision+ carries an extremely high quality camera and a 4GB micro SD card. It shoots full HD video at 1080p 30/60i, 720p 60for clean slow motion and takes 14 megapixel stills.
Camera settings including Picture Quality, ISO, Exposure Compensation, White Balance, and capture format can be adjusted through the Vision app.

Camera tilt control & Film straight down
Tilt the camera as you fly, so you can create the graceful moving shot you see in your mind. Point the camera straight down for a totally unique view of your world.

Supports Adobe DNG RAW & Adobe lens profile support
DNG RAW photo capture means all original image information is retained for powerful post processing.
An Adobe lens profile for barrel distortion removal is available for the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ camera. It is available as standard in the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw for Photoshop.

Long Range Video Transmission & Album synchronization
Up to 700m Wi-Fi connection allows you to receive beam photos and videos from the Vision+ straight to your phone using Wi-Fi. No computer required.


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