DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus Review with Calibration Footage and Ground Station Demo

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Today we’re going to be looking at the DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus. This is DJI’s latest generation of camera-equipped quadcopters for the consumer market. There are currently three versions of the Phantom 2. The least expensive base version, which you can equip with an optional gimbal and camera, the Phantom 2 Vision which has an HD camera without a gimbal and the Phantom 2 Vision Plus with an HD camera and a gimbal. The version we’re looking at today is the Phantom 2 Vision Plus.

Now you might ask why the Phantom 2 Vision Plus is so different from other quadcopters or quadcopters you could build. And to understand the value of the Phantom 2 Vision Plus, you need to look at what it took to build a quadcopter before the Phantom series was released. You would first have to either buy or build a frame like this one. Then buy a host of components like motors and flight controllers to install on your frame. Then after a few weekends building your quadcopter, you might eventually be able to fly it. The quality of the parts was questionable and nothing really quite worked flawlessly. And for those who weren’t so technically inclined, things were even worse when something didn’t quite work. In fact, you’d probably end up spending more time getting the quadcopter to fly than getting footage from flying the quadcopter. The Phantom 2 Vision Plus is ready to fly out of the box and almost anyone can learn to fly it and get great footage from it. The Phantom 2 Vision Plus allows you to focus more on the footage than the actual aircraft.

Let’s take a closer look at the Phantom 2 Vision Plus and its accessories. The Phantom 2 Vision Plus is about 23 inches long from propeller tip to propeller tip and is about 8 inches tall. The body of the Phantom 2 Vision Plus is made from a hard white plastic with the motors mounted at each corner. The Phantom 2 Vision Plus comes almost fully assembled and all you have to do is install the propellers, insert the battery and you’re ready to fly.

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